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A Must Read! Every Parent Should Read This Book To Their Child!

I have never been a fan of reading books reviews in publications. I have always felt that people should read what interests them and form their own opinion as to what they like or what is appropriate for their own children, which is why I have refrained from adding them in as editorial content to my monthly publication, Treasure Coast Parenting, throughout the years; however, "Mom, Am I Different" is an exception to the rule!

It's a heartfelt conversation between mother and daughter that easily transcends across all genders, races and ages. "Mom, Am I Different?" sends a message to embrace the uniqueness that is found in each individual, as well as, everyone and everything in the world from the stars that shine to super heroes. Although I think many adults would benefit from reading this book, if money were no object, I would put this in every elementary classroom in the world!

What a fantastic way to empower children to realize that their "differences" are gifts that can change the world in a positive way. Bravo to the Author Jennifer Adkins!

If you are debating whether or not to purchase this book for a child, don't think twice- Buy it!

          - Kara Ferraro "Treasure Coast Parenting, Inc."

5 out of 5 stars for Mom, Am I Different

I bought this book for my Grandchildren. I loved the story and the illustrations are great. I think this should be read in every elementary classroom. With so many stories about bullying this book would be good for all children to hear. I recommend this book to parents, grandparents and elementary teachers.

- Karen Z.

I wish this wonderful little story had been on my bookshelf 25 years ago!

Let's face it....we have all felt insecure and unsure of ourselves at some point in our lives! No matter how much we support and encourage our children...sometimes they just need a little extra shot in the arm! This wonderful story is going to make it so much easier for my little ones to understand and embrace the idea that everyone is special and unique in their own way. I think it will help them build their self esteem as well as learn how to respect other peoples differences. What a great addition to any family library! Thank you!

- Seymour

This is a must have for all parents

My three daughters and I LOVE this book. My daughters are able to relate to the lovable and earnest child in this book, who questions her mother about her different interests compared to her classmates. However, this book goes deeper than the simple message that "It's okay to be different." It explores the questions and insecurities children face as they discover their own identities and passions. I love how this book shows a character who is not afraid of expressing her emotions with her mother and how she goes about discovering herself with her mother's loving reassurance. My daughters can relate to the main character's curious and inquisitive personality. My children also love the rhyming text and emotion-laden illustrations. The book concludes with a beautifully articulated message that will encourage children to be confident in themselves and their world. I also love how there are many opportunities throughout the book to discuss with your child similar fears and insecurities they may have as they discover their own individuality. Highly recommended!

- Bethany I.

Love this book!

This thoughtful and touching book is filled with beautiful illustrations! The message this book sends is powerful and it is great at jump starting a meaningful conversation with your child about how being different is a GOOD thing and to embrace who you are! I look forward to reading this book with my daughter over and over again!

- Jill U.

Fantastic, healing and loving story that reminds us all the differences we have are ok!

I read this book and loved it! It is a great reminder that our individual differences are wonderful and they make us who we are. Children tend to personalize things and not feel ok when they are different from the main stream child. Celebrating our differences and talents helps adults and children to become more tolerant in our world. That makes the world a safer place emotionally for everyone. This book reinforces that everyone has their own individual talents and strengths. That in itself is a wonderful gift to mankind and the world. Thank you, Jennifer!

- Beverly B.

Helping Children become their best selves

This story is not only beautiful but the message is so important for children and parents. Children need adults to talk to them about anything that they think about, worry about, care about. and dream about. And when you do take a little time, then children can grow into their best selves. The illustrations are so gentle and beautiful and compliment the mother and daughter. It's a book that makes a great gift to any child that you care about.

- D. Madonna "Occupational Therapist" (Michigan)

A Must buy for all kids!

Who hasn't felt different or like they didn't fit in? Such a normal feeling for children to experience while growing up. Many people don't talk about it though, or perhaps unknowingly disregard the feelings of a child going through this phase. The daughter in this book turns to her mother and her mother responds with love to her worries and helps to create a lesson out of it. The illustrations are beautiful, soft, flowing, and match so nicely to the book text. As an author myself, I highly recommend this children's book for all ages. Enjoy!

- H. Spergel